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I can't cope today

The news of a bereavement can be a traumatic and devastating event, and affects people in different ways. Whether the bereavement was sudden or not, it will most likely have come as a big shock. You are probably feeling a mixture of different emotions, and this can be overwhelming. You might feel like your world is spinning out of control, or that it’s come to a complete stop - but there are people and organisations who can help you.

If you feel you can, talk to close friends and family, especially those you feel can empathise and understand. Remind yourself that it’s normal to feel the way you do and look for ways you can maintain a bond with the person that died.

If you feel you’re not coping, you can:

  • Talk to someone close to you
  • Visit your GP
  • Don’t go back to work until you feel ready
  • Contact organisations that can help

For a list of organisations that offer support to people who have been bereaved go here.

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