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Here you can find information about relationships, including how they might be impacted following a drug and alcohol related bereavement and tips on how to manage conflict.

Falling in love with an alcoholic and losing him

I met my late boyfriend in July 2006. I was travelling in Canada.  He was a good person with a big heart, kind and funny and I think the only issue was he liked to have a drink, which was not an issue at that time.

After his death I was just in total shock

My dad’s alcohol use got worse through my teens as he moved in with his partner, who herself was/became an alcoholic, and my relationship with him suffered badly. It’s hard to connect meaningfully with someone who is drunk whenever you interact, and he was drunk almost every time we stayed with him while we were in secondary school. On the odd occasion he was sober, I got along with him very well. We had similar senses of humour and enjoyed spending time together.