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Understanding the jargon

Coroner – The coroner is an official who makes inquiries into deaths reported to them, which may be unnatural or of an unexpected or unknown cause.

Delayed grief/trauma – This term is used when at first adjustment seems normal but then distress and symptoms increase months later.

Grief – Grief is the natural response to the loss of someone (or something) very important to us, including the death of a loved one. It is the emotional suffering you feel when someone you love is taken away.

Inquest – An inquest is a legal investigation to establish the circumstances surrounding a death, including how, when and why the death occurred.

Normalising – Realising that your grief, feelings and emotions are 'normal' and to be expected in the situation you are facing.

Post-mortem – A post-mortem (or autopsy) is an examination of the body to determine the cause of death.

Toxicology Test – Toxicology tests check for drugs or other chemicals in the body, and a toxicology report lays out the findings.