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In this section, you can find a series of personal accounts by people who have been through a drug or alcohol related bereavement. These touching stories by mothers, sons, sisters and partners highlight a range of different experiences, thoughts and feelings about their bereavements and how they’ve coped with their grief. Reading through them might be painful, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone and that support is out there.
Stock pictures: The personal experiences in this section are real experiences shared by people who have suffered a bereavement through drugs and alcohol. However, for privacy reasons some of the pictures accompanying these personal experiences are stock images and are not representative of the people involved.

Sarah's story

Sarah's personal account

57, 27, 21. Numbers I will never forget. I was aged 27, when my mother aged 57 passed away on the 21st from alcoholism.

Falling in love with an alcoholic

Falling in love with an alcoholic and losing him

I met my late boyfriend in July 2006. I was travelling in Canada.  He was a good person with a big heart, kind and funny and I think the only issue was he liked to have a drink, which was not an issue at that time.

After his death I was just in total shock

After his death I was just in total shock

My dad’s alcohol use got worse through my teens as he moved in with his partner, who herself was/became an alcoholic, and my relationship with him suffered badly.

More devastating than I could ever have imagined

More devastating than I could ever have imagined

Our son, Matthew, died in April 2001 from a heroin overdose. He was thirty years old.  He was the middle one of three boys and he had begun experimenting with drugs and alcohol probably in his early teens.

If you would like to share your story

Personal accounts

These personal accounts have been shared by people who have experienced a drug or alcohol related bereavement. If you would like to share your experience in order to help others then please do get in touch through the Get Support section.


Veronica's story

I had grown up with many addicts who were friends or associates of my parents that had tragically died one way or another through their heroin addiction but none of this prepared me for the loss of my beautiful mum. I hadn't had an easy childhood.

Messages of support

The thing that most helped me to cope is the people who I discovered had also lost a child to addiction and had never met before and the love and support they have given unconditionally and without judgement - because they know the devastation of losing your child in this way.

My message to others bereaved in this way is spend time feeling, and focusing on yourself rather than worrying about others.

The hardest thing about losing someone you love to drugs or alcohol is that I wish I could have done something more and despite how much I did to support them and love them, I still couldn't save them.