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All about me

By Philipp Keel

Is there someone special you'd like to open up to? Do you want to know yourself better? Self-discovery and self-revelation aren't easy. With simple but provocative questions, All About Me is a great tool for self-reflection that spotlights everything your loved ones would be interested to know about you but never thought--or dared--to ask. Such as: Name a friend you should not have kissed. Describe a moment when you achieved absolute happiness. Recall a compliment that made you blush. Write about your most beautiful and your most horrifying memory of your parents. Does a naked photo of you exist?

The wide-ranging questions--from short yes/no's to open-ended ones that probe your psyche--are personal, direct, and addictively fun to answer. The basic specs, including blood type and annual salary, are also covered.

Reader Review: "Often when having a loved one with an addiction in your life you have been thinking about them for a long time, rather than yourself. There are a series of practical workbooks out there which allows you time to focus and get to know yourself again. This book was one of them, and lists lots of questions for you to think about yourself and get to know you again."

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