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CBT Journal for Dummies

By Rob Willson and Rhena Branch

This book is designed to help you set aside twelve weeks to improving your emotional health. Clearly we don’t expect the whole of each of those weeks to be given over to improving your happiness (although from time to time your mind might deserve a working day’s worth of rehabilitation…… As you go through the twelve weeks you’ll be introduced to a number of CBT-based exercises and techniques. These may be appropriate to the specific stage in personal change you are at, or might be something to come back to in. In any case they are designed to stimulate your own ‘self-therapist’ mind and to help to keep you going in a healthy and helpful direction. 

Reader Review: "I loved this book. Everyday a practical exercise is listed which allows you to reflect on yourself. They are short so it only takes about 15 minutes, they are different each day and there is space so you write directly in the book This book probably isn’t suitable in the weeks after the death of a loved one, however I found this a key workbook for adjusting to your daily routine again and when you’re feeling ready to start thinking about yourself again. Both authors are qualified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT) therapists, so the workbook has been based on many years of research and well know CBT techniques."

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