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Practical help with the things you have to deal with as a result of your loss

When someone dies, you will inevitably have a lot of different things to be dealing with, whilst also coping with the emotional distress or shock brought on by the death. There will be practical issues to deal with, like arranging a funeral, or perhaps dealing with the police or the media and preparing for an inquest. This section will provide you with information and advice on dealing with these practical issues to help make these things a bit easier to deal with. 


No one wants to arrange a funeral at what is already a difficult time, but understanding what is involved and how to deal with problems will help. The person may have left instructions about the type of funeral and burial they wanted. There is no legal obligation for these instructions to be followed, but they usually are. 

Dealing with the Police

When someone dies suddenly or unexpectedly the police may be called. The police take statements, and arrange for someone to identify the person who has died.

What's involved

A sudden or unexpected death will be reported to the Coroner by the police, a doctor or the registrar of births and deaths.